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  • “handy”- meet your new travel buddy

    “handy” – meet your new travel buddy at Ruby Like us, our guests are always on the run. When travelling, one of the most important things is to be connected – with locals, the world and…

    9 January 2018
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  • Meet Markus | Hotel Manager Ruby Marie

    Meet & Greet with the Team Markus is the cheery and passionate hotel manager of Ruby Marie in Vienna, the second hotel in the Ruby Family. Having just celebrated Ruby Marie’s 1st birthday, we…

    22 December 2016
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  • Hotel Property of the Year Awards 2016

    Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar in Vienna has been shortlisted as Hotel Property of the Year 2016 Wow! We are on the second shortlist in a row with Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar. We…

    7 September 2016
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  • An urban travelers must have!

    Discover the world from a new perspective The Leica X Camera Edition by Moncler – when high-end technology meets the fashion industry, then one will receive a perfectly styled camera for the urban traveler…

    19 December 2014
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