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  • Ruby Lissi Hotel & Bar

    Ruby Lissi Hotel & Bar in Vienna A great hotel needs a great location – Nestled between pompous buildings in the urban jungle of the first Viennese district is where you will encounter Ruby Lissi,…

    24 March 2017
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  • Schottenfest at Ruby Marie

    Schottenfest at Ruby Marie 1 – 4 December 2016 An homage to Irish-Scottish culture in Vienna – The new contemporary Celtic Schottenfest festival will be celebrating the Irish-Scottish culture in Austria’s capital with a…

    25 November 2016
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  • Historic Vienna from a Vintage Perspective

    A journey back in time through a vintage polaroid lense Why is it that polaroid cameras have become such a hype? Probably because we don’t feel the special sensation anymore, the incredible feeling when…

    10 July 2015
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  • The Sofiensäle in Modern Times

    How the Sofiensäle developed over the last years The 20th century of the Sofiensäle came to an end, with art and glamour, famous and well-known people having shaped the history of the venerable building. It…

    26 June 2015
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