• Munich Pop Art

    Munich Pop Art 21 – 23 September When temperatures fall and you can feel a fresh autumn breeze in the air, we’re slowly moving from spending the weekend at the Isar river banks and beer gardens…

    18 September 2018
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  • Oktoberfest Do’s and Don’ts

    Ozapft is! We can’t wait for Oktoberfest to begin shortly – people from all over the world come together in Munich to liven up Bavarian traditions. To make sure you make the most of your…

    22 August 2018
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  • Ruby Leo Afterwork Party

    Oh those summer nights… At Ruby Works we aim for seamless work life balance, where entertainment and work blend in with one another. We foster community spirit and value shared moments represented by numerous community events…

    8 August 2018
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  • New booking experience

    Upgrade your booking experience Like you, we’re always on the run. Life’s too short to spend too much time getting frustrated with overly complicated booking processes and online forms. That’s why we’ve made some…

    30 July 2018
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