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  • Sweet Dreams with Ruby

    Wake up with a smile As frequent travelers, we know the feeling of sleeping in uncomfortable beds that are too short or too hard. Sleep is one of the most crucial things in a…

    16 October 2018
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  • Ruby Lotti opens its doors

    Moin Hamburg! After a long time of planning intensively, working hard and dreaming big, Ruby Lotti opened its doors yesterday and we’re excited to welcome our first 50 guests.…

    26 September 2018
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  • Vienna tips from an art lover

    Creative hotspots in Vienna One thing we love about Vienna is its vibrant art scene. We asked our dear friend Eva Fischer, a true Vienna art insider, about her current favourites to make the…

    20 September 2018
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  • Munich Pop Art

    Munich Pop Art 21 – 23 September When temperatures fall and you can feel a fresh autumn breeze in the air, we’re slowly moving from spending the weekend at the Isar river banks and beer gardens…

    18 September 2018
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