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  • The Oktoberfest Party

    Party at “Das Wiesnzelt” during the Oktoberfest Munich’s Oktoberfest – the world’s most famous and biggest beer festival is about to begin once again.…

    16 August 2017
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  • Ruby Executive Day

    Far away from the hustle and bustle in the city, somewhere in the mountains with blazing sunshine, we held our Ruby Executive Day.…

    2 August 2017
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  • Gscheade Leibal

    Gscheade Leibal Every brilliant business starts with a crazy idea – this one is even crazier. …

    4 July 2017
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  • Ruby Social Day at ‘Kids to Life’

    Ruby Social Day at ‘Kids to Life’ Two weeks ago, the Ruby Headquarter Team held a so-called “Social Day”. Throughout this day, the team lent a hand at “Kids to Life“, a local recreational facility…

    1 June 2017
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