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  • Events

    Upcoming events at Ruby We love parties, delicious drinks and music of course. That’s why we’re now starting our brand-new event-series with some of our favourite local artists in our bars to share our passion with…

    20 April 2018
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  • Happy birthday Ruby Lissi

    Happy Birthday Ruby Lissi! It’s already been a year since Ruby Lissi joined our Viennese crew: Our third hotel in Vienna is celebrating its first birthday and we’re taking the chance to look back on an exciting…

    3 April 2018
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  • Easter Weekend in Vienna

    Easter weekend in Vienna To us, spending the Easter weekend in Vienna is definitely a great choice. The city is bustling again after the long winter sleep and you can feel these easy spring…

    26 March 2018
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  • Ruby Lissi Artwork by Format Works

    All about our Ruby Lissi Artwork Many people have asked us about the unique artwork at Ruby Lissi Hotel Vienna. Let us introduce you to the creators of these beautiful paintings, our friends at Format Works. We have been…

    21 March 2018
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