10 May 2019
Hamburg Hafengeburtstag- tips from locals

Visitors who are travelling to Hamburg this weekend and have not prepared themselves with some information about what is going on in the city, might experience a city that is filled to capacity. The reason for this is the 830th edition of the Hamburg Harbour Birthday and there are countless recommendations on what to to on the weekend of 10-12 May.We asked some of our local friends about their ideas and locations during these festive days.

Fiete, sailors deacon

Fiete Sturm, 37, works as a sailors deacon und runs the “Deutsche Seemannsmission Hamburg-Altona”“Of course I do invite everybody to visit the “Deutsche Seemannsmission Hamburg-Altona e.V.” at Große Elbstr. 132, close to the Fischmarkt. It’s a quiet haven that grants tranquility from the buzz at the festivity strip.

We offer drinks and a nice backyard and everybody can have a chat with real sailors and get an insight how naval service works today and how hard it is. If you like, you can play Billard, Kicker, Pingpong or Darts.

For me personally the masses on the northside of the harbor are a little too much. I prefer to have a walk through the Old Elbtunnel and watch the colourful festivities from the other side of the river.”

Hauke, guest relation at Club Gaga

Hauke Will,47 , is responsible for the guest relation at Club Gaga, the design nightclub on Reeperbahn.
“My favourite restaurant is the Kuchnia at Talstraße. The kitchen from eastern Europe is special, but so tasty. A perfect place for a shot afterwards is the Freudenhaus, a smokers place, with a breathtaking selection of spirits. For those who feel like dancing,  I recommend either Angie’s Nightclub, a classic or Gaga, with it’s stylish interior and an amazing view from the 5th floor on the nightlife of the red light district. But dress up and show your best, it’s a strict door policy.

Boris, DJ

Boris Dlugosch,51 , is the legendary house Dj from Hamburg, who started his career at the iconic Front Club.

“One of the best views over the whole harbour area is from Gezi Park Fiction. It’s a neighborhood park that has been designed by the residents. When night is falling you can go for a dance at the Golden Pudel Club, another alternative program with a huge variety of sounds and music styles. Or you have a drink at the Washington Bar, a place hard to describe, you really have to experience by yourself. (Unfortunate Boris will be performing outside town during Harbour birthday,  but  on the 1st of June you can enjoy his tunes at the Welcome Aboard party, cruising the harbor on a ship.)

Liz, tattoo artist

And for those who like it a little rougher, we asked Liz Studnitz, 32, tattoo artist at Hafenfarben Tattoo for her ideas to spend this weekend in Hamburg. She already worked her needles on Johnny Depp, David Garrett and the guys from Sum41. “Watching the ships is fine, but if you are fed up with it, take at look at Oldtimer Tankstelle Brandshof: Amazing cars and their owners, plus a nice cup of coffee.

Start your night right at Hausverbot, a metal bar on ST. Pauli, where I also spin the records from time to time. And on Saturday night it’s Insomnia @ Klubhaus St.Pauli, a kinky party for those who dare…..”

We can’t wait for you to experience this crazy party all around the city yourself while staying at Ruby Lotti. In case you have any questions, our hosts are happy to help.

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