25 April 2019
Run Baby, Run

This weekend is going to be a very speedy one, it’s the weekend of one of the biggest running events in northern Europe, the Hamburg Marathon. It literally divides the city and you either love or hate it. Following this we give you five tips to join this sportive highlight or tell you how to escape the sweaty hell.

Those who like it

  1. Should have a look at the Marathon Expo to check out bargains and special promotions.
  2. Meet the runners at the legendary Pasta Party.
  3. Can get the best view on the running field when standing on the pedestrian bridge at Landungsbrücken.
  4. Join the biggest running party at Eppendorfer Baum.
  5. Get the chance to see running superstars like Abel Kirui from Kenia or locals like Stephan Riemekasten.

For the haters

  1. Check under which streets are blocked, believe us, it will be a lot.
  2. Find a nice breakfast place in Eimsbüttel like the Café Delice, far away from the running course.
  3. Book a daytrip to Helgoland. It will be nice and empty, because every tourist in the north will be in Hamburg.
  4. Call 040/428 65 65 65 if you are stuck between barriers.
  5. Rent a boat, it will be a lot of space on the water.

No matter if you’re excited to see this big event or couldn’t care less – we hope you have a lovely stay with us at Ruby Lotti. In case you have any questions, our team on-site is happy to help.

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