17 April 2019
Bookings made easier

Life’s too short to spend too much time getting frustrated with different room categories and overly complicated booking processes. From now on it’s even more easy to book your stay at our hotels so you have more time to get excited about your upcoming trip.

Prices in Booking Panel

Often we feel the urge to explore a new city. Just travel around and experience new spots. Doing this, we are flexible and are not bound to any date but are more looking at the current prices of hotels or flights. To make price comparisons easier, we have implemented our prices directly in the calendar. You can see the different prices for each night at once and can then decide, at which date you would like to visit us.


360° Pictures

Can’t wait to arrive and wanting to see more of the room than just a few pictures beforehand? Or not sure which room to book because they look so similar on photos?
We have implemented 360° pictures of all our room categories at Ruby Lotti in Hamburg. This makes room comparisons even easier. So have a look at our website and check out our different rooms.



Did you already see our newly created features? We’re curios to hear your opinion and are always willing to learn from your feedback.

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