5 April 2019
Second Ruby hotel in Cologne by 2022

Two are always better than one – that’s why we’re excited to announce that our first Ruby hotel in Cologne (opening in 2020) will be followed by another one in 2022.

The addition to our Ruby family in Cologne will be located in the scene-district Ehrenfeld, the hotspot for young, creative people. We love the multiculti vibe of this neighborhood and the amazing nightlife in this area. We can’t wait to welcome some night owls for their nightcap in our 24/7 bar, contribute to the local art scene by inviting our resident artists to perform on our stage and discover all the little cafés and shops.

Perfectly connected

The hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the train station Ehrenfeld and therefore perfectly connected to the public transportation system. Must-sees like the the Dome or the Old Town can be reached in a few minutes. The hotel is surrounded by many bars, cafés and clubs to spend the night at and drink some Kölsch.

Travel, Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Working for an international hotel brand, we know what it’s like to be on the run and work from everywhere. That’s why we created ‘Ruby Places’, a combination of hotel, co-working-spaces and extended-stay-rooms. Our new hotel in Cologne will be the first of this kind. We wanted to built the ideal place for digital nomads, business travelers and agile project groups – a home away from home for people who are staying at our hotels longer than a week.

Our new Resident Rooms offer more space to move around, an additional closet and a fridge. You’ll also have access to a fully equipped co-cooking and co-dining area. The ideal spot to connect with likeminded, because getting to know new people is easier when eating and cooking together.

Furthermore, we’ve included workspaces into the building so you won’t have to work from your hotel room which is, based on our experience, not always the best place for productive work. The workspaces will follow the concept of our workspaces in Munich and Hamburg, where we developed a lovely office community over the last year.

Like all our hotels, Ruby Places will follow the Lean Luxury philosophy: Located in the heart of the city, high-quality room fittings and genuine design. All of this is offered at an affordable price by rigorously cutting out the superfluous and focusing on the essential.

Stay tuned and keep checking and our Blog for more info.

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