22 March 2019
Bartalk with Michele Heinrich

Michele Heinrich, Bartender of the Year 2017, is the bar manager at Kinly Bar, of one of our favourite bars in Frankfurt . During his visit in Munich last week, he and our community scout Dirk had a little chat about drinks, music and crazy nights.

What is your favourite place to get a good drink in Munich?
Menage Bar! It has the all the pros of a neighbourhood bar paired with very sophisticated drinks and outstanding food.

Where in Munich would you go to meet interesting people?
I think Schuhmanns Bar has a very interesting mix of people – and it’s a legendary venue!

Tell us a funny story that happened to you in Munich.
One time my taxi driver got in a fight with another driver – while I was still sitting in the backseat! And afterwards he still dropped me at my destination.

Where did you have the best party of your life – and why?
There is a unknown small Hippie Festival called „KOMMZ“in the town where I’m from. During this weekend I see every single one of my longtime friends. It’s the weekend when everybody is coming back to town. It’s like Christmas in August!

Which artist is in your current heavy rotation?
My taste in music is pretty wide. Last song I heard was „ Jump to it“ by Aretha Franklin – R.I.P

Would you share your recipie of this delicious drink with us?
Sure – the drink is called Espresso Martini: 4cl Aviation Gin, 2cl Elderflower Liquor, 3cl Coffee Liquor and 2cl Espresso – shake well and strain twice. Garnish it with dried apple.

Thank you Michele, enjoy your stay and see you again soon ✌️

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