12 March 2019
Discover the neighborhood of Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

Gregor Hofbauer is the photographer of all our official hotel photos and also the event host of Bring the Swing, one of our event series taking place regularly at Ruby Lissi. Born and raised in Vienna, he takes us with him to show us his favourite spots in the Neubau area around Ruby Marie in the 7th district.

The best place to get a good cup of coffee
Gregor likes to start his day at J.Horning, a Viennese coffee roaster. According to Gregor, here you’ll find the best coffee around town. It’s not only the good coffee, but also the nice atmosphere that is created by the interior and staff, that makes you want to spend your coffee break there.

The best place to spot art
The seventh district in Vienna is known for its numerous museums as well as many galleries and modern art you’ll find on every corner. Gregor likes to stroll around the Museumsquartier, looking at new exhibitions as well as stopping by at the Museum of Art History and the Natural History Museum.

The best place to buy unique fashion pieces
His favourite place to buy some new fashion accessoires is Mühlbauer. The head manufacturer from Vienna is led in the fourth generation by now and has two stores in which all their unique hats are sold.

The best place to grab a quick bite
After having bought a new hat, we’re hungry and Gregor brings us to the place that claims to serve the best falafel in town – and we can totally agree. Maschu Maschu has three branches, one of them being located in the seventh district as well.

The best place to dance like nobody’s watching
Having spent the whole day with Gregor, we want to know where he likes to dance when nobody is watching. He doesn’t. Gregor rather dances where people can watch him dancing to share the nature of lindy hop. This is done best at Burggarten, one of the most pretty parks around Vienna.

To explore the seventh district as we have done it, just start at Ruby Marie and walk up the Mariahilfer Straße into the city. Not staying on Mariahilfer Straße but rather walking in the streets close by gives you the full Viennese experience.

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