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11 February 2019
Spotlight on Leni

Only a few weeks left until we enlarge our Ruby family by an additional family member. With the opening of Ruby Leni, our second hotel in Dusseldorf, Ruby Coco will become a big sister.But in this case, big only means older. Ruby Leni Hotel & Bar will have nearly twice as many rooms as Ruby Coco Hotel & Bar but will still be as lovely.

Ruby Leni will be opening in a location that is not completely unknown in Dusseldorf. It has served as the theatre of Dusseldorf for many years and still hosts a theatre now in the basement. That’s were our inspiration comes from. Ruby Leni’s interior plays with the typical theatre flair, that is reflected not just in the rooms but especially in the bar. Like with all our hotels, we’ve only picked out premium-quality materials to furnish our luxurious rooms: real-wood floors, cherry-wood wall paneling, fine fabrics and an atmospheric, carefully composed lighting concept. Currently we’re scouring our favourite vintage shops for pieces with their own story for our public areas to bring this lively building back to life and create our new favorite spot in town.

Ruby Leni is located directly in the heart of the city, only a couple of minutes away from Königsallee and the lovely old city of Dusseldorf. It’s surrounded by many restaurants, bars, shops and also by the Rhine. The ideal location for every city trip.

To shorten the waiting time until the big opening, we want to share a first sneak peek with you:

And now – we’re back to work again. There’s still much to do till our big opening. Yet we couldn’t hold our excitement any longer and had to show you a little sneak peek.

But in the meantime, you can already have a look at our new website and be among the first ones to book our opening special, available from 1. August.


What do you think about Ruby Leni? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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