13 December 2018
Javascript classes for migrants and refugees at Ruby Leo Workspaces

We love supporting great ideas that help making the world a little bit better and ReDi School of Digital Integration is definitely one of them.

The non-profit organisation offers coding courses for refugees and migrants to support them finding a job in the tech industry in Germany. Since September, one of those classes is taking place at Ruby Leo in Munich and we couldn’t be happier to welcome this great community of students from all over the world at our workspace.

The idea behind ReDi School of Digital Integration

At the moment, 55,000 positions in the German IT industry are not occupied. Meanwhile, migrants with a big IT affinity or high-quality education are looking for a job. ReDi decided to bring those two groups together and create a win-win situation. Developers and business mentors teach classes in computer programming, digital entrepreneurship, business intelligence and user interface design. The program is supported by companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Cisco and Moxa providing the students with lots of possibilities to network with experts and potential employers. The courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students. Everyone seeking asylum in Germany is able to apply for the courses, that are taught in English.

How can you support this project?

The ReDi community is growing fast and there classes are very popular. ReDi is always looking for more volunteers to hold classes, workshops or become mentors. So if you’re a developer, student or professional, head over to one of the info events and help by supporting this amazing project.

We’re thankful to have crossed path with this inspiring community this year. Diversity is one of our core values and we appreciate the chance to get to know the ReDi students from all over the world and ease their start in Germany a little. That ‘s why we can’t wait to welcome the students at Ruby Leo Workspaces Munich again next year for a new semester.

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