18 September 2018
Munich Pop Art 21 – 23 September

When temperatures fall and you can feel a fresh autumn breeze in the air, we’re slowly moving from spending the weekend at the Isar river banks and beer gardens to visiting art galleries and museums again. Great times ahead for art lovers like us.

This weekend, we’re looking forward to checking out the exhibition MUNICH POP ART, where local artists collaborate for the third time at Container Collective. Pop art has its own peculiar ways of representing today’s society, the influence of mass media and social networks. This style has great influence on our contemporary understanding of aesthetic and design.

In this year’s MUNICH POP ART exhibition, six artists present their current work and projects from the fields of upcycling, graphic art, photography, graffiti and screen print touching on current topics like music, junk food, erotic and social media.

The location, Container Collective, is Munich’s latest subculture hotspot with a variety of different bars, ateliers and pop-up stores near Ostbahnhof. Containers, standing for worldwide connection, mass consumption and standardization seem to be the ideal location for such an exhibiton. Stop by to witness the unique atmosphere yourselves.

Vernissage: 20. Sep 2018, 18:00 with DJ, drinks and party
Opening hours:
21 and 22 September 14:00 – 22:00
23 September 12:00 – 18:00

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