21 March 2018
All about our Ruby Lissi Artwork

Many people have asked us about the unique artwork at Ruby Lissi Hotel Vienna. Let us introduce you to the creators of these beautiful paintings, our friends at Format Works. We have been working together for many years and are always blown away by what ideas they come up with.

Format Works is a creative agency based in Munich. Marcus, the head of the creative crowd, originates from the Graffiti and graphic design scene but also specializes in interior design and brand building.

We started joining creative forces when designing our second hotel Ruby Marie in 2015. The striking graffitis shape the public areas with their hidden messages dealing with consumerism. The rooftop terrace is decorated by a original reinterpretation of Klimt’s popular work ‘The kiss.’ Read all the details about these artworks here.

The idea behind the Ruby Lissi artwork was to mix the young and dynamic flair from the streets of Vienna with the life and travels of empress Elisabeth, Ruby Lissi’s overall leitmotif. The big painting above the red couch at Ruby Lissi Bar stresses the interactive and uncontrollable. The painting is designed to evoke the impression that it has been hanging in the streets of Vienna for a long time. Therefore, during its creation process, the canvas was hung up in the studio and got scribbled on from time to time, always a bit more.


The portraits of emperor Franz and his wife Elisabeth in the hallway were a bigger challenge. Marcus didn’t want to ridicule or offend the emperor and the empress, two very important personalities for locals. So he decided to just mix up the old portrait style with new art forms – Photoshop meets etching meets spray can and coating.

During the creation process, Format Works and the Ruby interior team work together closely, making sure the artwork matches the overall interior concept.

We can’t wait to work with Format Works for our next hotel openings and see what great ideas they will come up with. Click here to find out more about Format Works.

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  • Reply Joshua 31 March 2018 at 14:53

    I am an artist,have been my whole life.I just started painting with acrylics,and would love to hear what people think of my work. These blogs are great,could sure use some help,and creative writing like they have done on here.

  • Reply Dominic 3 April 2018 at 10:30

    This hotel provided everything we needed and went above to make sure our family of 5 had accommodations without adding extra cost. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful. Complimentary breakfast was very good!

    • Reply RubyHotels 6 April 2018 at 13:50

      Hi Dominic, wow thanks so much for your feedback! Glad you liked it and enjoyed your stay. Hope to see you guys again soon 🙂

  • Reply Happy birthday Ruby Lissi - Ruby Hotels Blog 3 April 2018 at 17:23

    […] At Ruby Lissi Bar as well as the rooms you can find lots of details referring to the travel theme – you almost feel like standing in a noble train from the 19th century. All our furniture and decoration, mostly original vintage pieces, are hand-picked by our internal interior team. The artworks at the bar and in the hallways are single copies from a design office in Munich. You can read more about the artwork at our Ruby Lissi Bar here. […]

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