8 March 2018
Female  Future Force Meetup at Ruby Leo Workspaces Munich

Happy World Womens Day – Perfect time to look back on a great event at our Ruby Leo Workspaces last week: The Female Future Force Community meetup.

Female Future Force is an online coaching program that supports women from all kinds of backgrounds and businesses to grow personally and professionally, initiated by the community Edition F (independently organized). The program revolves around 12 different main topics such as structure, finance, leadership or creativity. The speakers are former executives, coaches, editors, and well-known experts from all kinds of industries.

Goal of the program is to share knowledge and provide a great variety of input and inspiration to strengthen women’s self-confidence in the business world.

Last week’s meet-up was all about New Work. Following the “Lean Coffee” method, all participants split up into four groups covering different topics: New Work, leadership, personal development and founding. All participants wrote down their main issues concerning the topic of their group. The aspects that popped up the most where then discussed in the group.

The leadership group covered the topics conflict management and feedback strategies, as well as the differences between female and male leadership styles – a subject about which almost everyone had an experiences to share.

Focusing on New Work, one group opened up a very lively discussion about different tools, strategies and methods to introduce New Work in the company. The group concerned with personal development naturally talked about education and training, but also touched on the topic of introversion. It was very interesting for everyone to see how different individual characters are and that all of them have unique skills that need to be encouraged. The discussion group focusing on founding debated things such as starting your own business, setting prices and winning new customers.

To us, this event seemed like the start of something really big and we’re excited to join and support Munich’s Female Future Force community on its journey. Based on the results of these discussion, the organizers are planning more inspiring trainings and discussion forums in the future.

Ladies, thank you all for coming by and sharing your inspirational thoughts with us. We hope to see you all again soon. Stay tuned.

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