12 February 2018
Make the most out of your work day at Ruby Hans

We want to give you an idea of what a work day at Ruby Hans could be like and how you can make the most out of your day to bring your productivity to the max.

09:00 am | Welcome to Ruby Works

When entering Ruby Hans, our charming office manager Laura will welcome you. She will handle your desk booking and give you a tour of the whole office.

09:15 am | Get comfy

Now that you have seen all the different workspaces, you can decide where you want to settle down. Do you like sitting at a proper desk or do you prefer kicking back in one of our vintage leather couches? It’s up to you. According to different studies, the morning is the best time of the day to work on projects that need your whole attention like planning strategies or writing texts, because during this time of day you are most efficient. Don’t waste this precious time doing administrative work or answering emails.

11:00 am | No coffee, no me

After almost two hours of productive work, you are more than ready for a short break. Have a cup of our premium Barista coffee or organic tea and give your brain a pause. And who knows who you might run into in the community area for a little chat?

11:15 am | Round two

The little break brought back your energy and you can continue working on your projects.

1:00 pm | Lunch break

Never skip your lunch break and don’t spend it half-working. Try to do something completely different for at least half an hour. Go for a little walk or prepare lunch with your co-workers in the Community area with our fully equipped kitchen. This lets your brain in order to fully relax and unwind. If you want to go out for lunch, we can recommend you to go to Deichstraße, only 5 min to walk. There you will find a great diversity of traditional and international food for every taste.

2:00 pm | Meeting time

After lunch, most people feel tired and unproductive. Your body is busy digesting and you start to feel that last night’s sleep was just that tiny bit too short. All you want is chill out on our couches and stare at your screen for a bit… Don’t! Studies have shown that the time after lunch is the best for meetings and calls. Being with other people and communicating brings back your energy and meetings usually force your brain to stay active and contribute. We designed different meeting and conference rooms at Ruby Hans for all different kinds of needs. Our Connect meeting rooms are for intense discussions and 1 to 1 talks. Our Create conference rooms are ideal for bigger groups and team work. Writable walls and projectors/screens make your ideas more visual.

4:00 pm | Let’s play

The meetings were intense and productive, so you really deserve a break. Explore our Relax game and music room – a little match of chess or darts or a short jam session on one of our guitars allows your brain to recover and the ideas will start flowing.

4:30 pm | Last round

You are now ready for your last work unit of the day. This is the perfect time to do administrative work, write emails and organise the next days. It is also advisable to always plan at least 30 minutes per day as a buffer for upcoming problems at the end of the day. There will always come up unexpected issues or urgent tasks that require your attention. This is the perfect time to fix them and finish off your work day without having the feeling of going home with unsolved problems.

6:30 pm | Let’s call it a day

Congratulations, you just finished a very productive work day at Ruby Hans. Grab a drink in our community area and look back on everything you accomplished today (even the small things can make a difference). Enjoy your evening and get a good night’s sleep, we can’t wait to have you back tomorrow.


Opening Special

For the opening you’ll get the one-time chance to book our workspaces for special prices.
All packages require the Ruby Works membership (€ 49 per month). The offer is valid until February 28, with a minimum term of 6 months. 

  • From € 195 per month for a flex desk (instead of € 295)
  • From € 435 per month for a fix desk (instead of € 535)

Sign up for a free trial day and check out Ruby Hans a whole day long.

Ruby Hans Workspaces
Steinhöft 9
20459 Hamburg

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