8 February 2018
Business Lunch locations around Ruby Leo Munich

Our Ruby Leo Workspaces are located in the heart of the city, close to Munich central station, and offer a great variety of restaurants and shops. For you our whole team collected its favourite business lunch spots for every occasion.

  • Frischfutter (300 m) – for healthy days
    Frischfutter is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a healthy lunch. All dishes are vegan oder vegetarian and made without any additives or raffinated sugar. On the menu you will find colourful bowls and handmade pasta.
    –> Marsstr. 13, 80335 München
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  • Cafe Stockholm (500 m) – for bad-weather-days
    A very colourful, personal place with a cosy, laid-back atmosphere. The Swedish-Venezulean couple Niklas and Julissa is cooking different fresh dishes every day, mostly soups, Burritos and snacks – all of them very delicious. Our personal favourite: Every friday Niklas is serving traditional Swedish Köttbullar.
    –> Lämmerstr. 6, 80335 München
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  • Ballabeni (400 m) – for hot days
    If you ask locals about the best ice cream in Munich, “Ballabeni” is probably their first choice. To enjoy their handmade ice cream you just have to go down the street a bit, a few minutes away from Ruby Leo and always perfect for a little break in summer.
    –> Seidlstr. 25, 80335 München
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  • Burrito Company (1,2 km)  – for busy days 
    Build your own burrito! Choose the style, filling and toppings of your burrito just as you wish and enjoy some of the best burritos in town. Perfect, if you
    –> Augustenstr. 74, 80333 München
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  • Busners (650 m) – for every day
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner – Restaurant Busners is a good address throughout the day. The menu shows a mixture of German classics after grandma’s recipies, light lunch options and international dishes like pasta and curry.
    –> Nymphenburger Str. 1, 80335 München
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  • Bowls and Blenders (900 m) – for power days
    If you have a long day ahead of you and need some extra energy, Bowls and Blenders is the right choice for you. Their superfood provides you with everything that’s good for you: bowls, smoothies and salads give you everything you need to power through your day.
    –> Augustenstr. 31, 80333 München
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  • Ledu Dim Sum & Bar (700m) – for special days
    This is the perfect place to bring some exotic flair into grey work days. Ledu offers authentic delicious specialities from China. Go on a culinaric journey with the traditional Dim Sum, prepared with fresh and organic ingredients.
    –> Augustenstr. 7, 80333 München
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