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20 October 2017
Ruby Care(s) – Bring a little Ruby to your home

20. October 2017

Lean Luxury is our philosophy – we forego certain things we consider unnecessary and focus on the important stuff instead, which we offer in the highest quality. When we tried to find shower products for our hotels, which met these standards, we weren’t quite satisfied with what we found on the amenity market.

In our opinion, the most important hotel room features on a city trip are sleeping, multimedia and getting ready in the morning. After a long day of touring and exploring the city nothing is more relaxing than a refreshing shower. Therefore, we got together with experts, we developed our own complete line of RUBY CARE products.

The result are three unique scents: SOUL ELIXIR, LIGHT GRAVITY and MAD MUSE, which comprise a whole RUBY CARE collection of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, handlotion, soap and a scented candle. The fragrances have an aromatherapeutical effect – they make you sleep well and stimulate your senses.

For everyone who wants to take their hotel experience home, we’ve got a RUBY GOODS online shop where you can order all of our special products.

For national shampoo day we’re giving away two sets of our shampoo and conditioner. Just comment under our Facebook Post and tag a friend who’d also enjoy a set.

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