5 September 2017
Wiesn Styling Lounge

16 September – 1 October 2017 in Munich

It’s that time of the year again – the Munich Oktoberfest will begin next week. Locals call Oktoberfest by its nickname ‘Wiesn’, referring to the ‘Theresienwiese’ meadow the grounds the fest takes place on every year. The city is full of colorful Bavarian ‘Dirndl’ dresses, typical ‘Lederhosen’ leather trousers, Oktoberfest-themed parties, traditional Bavarian beer and food. In these two weeks Munich annually shows the world what Bavarian culture has to offer.

You’re staying in Munich during the Oktoberfest and want to be dressed well in a fashionable but traditional Dirndl? Perfect! We’ve got the ideal spot for you.

The Wiesn Styling Lounge offers the full Oktoberfest package: borrow a seasonal Dirndl from one of the selected local brands, receive a full styling including make-up, manicure and hairstyling and have a relaxed and short journey to the Oktoberfest grounds at Theresienwiese. This is the where you will be advised by locals on how to wear your Dirndl and they have lots of other insider tips in store for you.

What’s really handy: The Wiesn Styling Lounge is located at the Boxkitchen Studio, only a short walk from Ruby Lilly and offers a Riksha bike ride from the Lounge to the Oktoberfest grounds. Here you will find further information on styling packages, Drindls and more.

And even better, all Ruby Guests exclusively get a 15% discount with the code: ruby17.

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