Thomas Schrenk “IV” The Disclosure

10 May 2017
Thomas Schrenk “IV” Die Enthüllung – The Disclosure

12 May 2017

For the disclosure of his five new pieces of art, Thomas Schrenk will be hosting a vernissage at the Ruby Marie Event Space on the 12th of May starting at 7pm. The theme of the new pieces is yet unknown – the disclosure will shed light on the new thematic art focus.

Landscape paintings, human portraits and, abstract bits and pieces – Thomas Schrenk is an artist who finds inspiration in his surroundings. A mix of mysterious places he has visited, the encounter with people and their stories, and art made by art are all themes of his paintings.

His past pieces of art include nature and landscape paintings: a Jewish graveyard whose gravestones have been enveloped by plants and trees are the focus here. Thomas Schrenk portrays how nature artistically takes over the graveyard creating a piece of art that originates from a hidden, natural gem.

Art in bits and pieces are focus of another of his art series. While painting, Thomas Schrenk dabs a couple of 100 times to his right, trying to clean his brush of the paint, and thereby creates his actual painting. One could say it is creating art while creating art that is the secret behind this series of paintings – two pieces of art at once.

And the new theme of his art? Come by and see for yourself!

Foto credit: Thomas Schrenk

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