25 August 2016
Cool drinks, quality music and visual art made this evening the perfect eclectic mix 

Last week the Romanian Band Golan supported by Dornwittchen im Holzhouse performed an amazing live session at the Ruby Marie Bar in Vienna.

Didn’t get a chance to see Golan live at our LOUNGE AFFAIRS at Ruby Marie Bar last week? We made some short video clips for you… Listen in on their performance

Golan, the young band from Bukarest, create a unique sound with a variety of instruments from trumpet and flute to djing giving the electro scene a new multi-faceted face. We had the pleasure of listening to some honestly genuine music at the LOUNGE AFFAIR session last week that was undeniably performed by passionate young musicians. It was a fabulous evening, listening to some dreamy, melodic music and dancing the night away. Through winning diverse awards, the band became instant headliners all over Romania and are now on their way to spread their new fine electro tunes throughout Europe.

© Claudio Farkasch/

Dornwittchen im Holzhouse was the support of Golan that evening, adding some electro beats in combination with guitars, vocals and visual art. By arranging photos, videos and graphics Dornwittchen im Holzhouse contributed with its individual and characteristic visual performance that will definitely keep popping up in our heads for a while.

© Claudio Farkasch/

LOUNGE AFFAIRS: We at Ruby love what we do and we love music. But we are especially crazy for music that is made with love, is new and gives us eargasms. We want to share the love with you and therefore created LOUNGE AFFAIRS, our new event series at Ruby Marie Bar. We hope you come, enjoy, fall in love and let the affair grow into something big.

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Foto credit images: © Claudio Farkasch/

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