Moving Forward

2 April 2016
Forward Festival Vienna 

7 – 9 April 2016

Collecting inspiration, sharing success stories and moving forward – this festival brings together enthusiastic personalities in the areas of design, communication and creativity. It is a platform for exchanging experiences and building bridges in the creative industry.

Well-established companies and creative individuals will give insight into their work from international and local projects. Whether graffiti and street art, illustrations or various print technics, new insights from successful projects further improve creativity in many different ways. Photographers, agencies and magazines demonstrate how vast the landscape is for people to become creative and move to the next level with their work. Solving problems and finding new paths through networking is what the Forward Festival is for.

To enhance the networking and learning attribute of the Forward Festival, workshops and speeches will be held to spread ideas and trigger innovation. It is the so called “state of the art update”, a platform with speakers that address topical issues. Lots of new input from many different creative origins will definitely be a conversation topic on one of the get-togethers.

Learn, network and create space for new creative ideas – be part of the move forward!

Interested? Anyone who wants to be part of the event can still buy tickets online.

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