5 February 2016
Belegkontrolle (Document Control) – Peter Piller exhibition at the Kunsthaus Vienna

22 January – 22 May 2016

A journey back in time might be the most suitable description for Peter Piller’s exhibition “Belegkontrolle” (Document Control) currently hosted in the Kunsthaus Wien. It is a collection of old magazine adverts that have a special authentic touch to them and convey more then just an advert message. 

Everyone has a different source of inspiration and Peter Piller’s were the archives of a press clipping service in Hamburg. Flipping though the advertisements from the 20th century stocked in this service, he was fascinated by the images and the accompanying text.

To some these old adverts are nondescript, but Peter Piller brings the hidden beauty and nuances to the foreground and creates a new piece of art. He took the opportunity to create his own archive of long forgotten advertisements and has created a lively and historic exhibition.

But, not only advert images are shown, Peter Piller also exhibits some of his own photographs. His images are a merge between magazine adverts from 1960 to 1980 and his own perspective.

Peter Piller finds new inspiration in old times – this exhibition is definitely a place to reminisce!

Our Ruby Hotel guests will get a special discount on the Peter Piller exhibition, all you need to do is show your room card at the museum counter.

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