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21 August 2015
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When it came to deciding which amenity series would suit Ruby Hotels best, we simply couldn’t find the perfect match. Too sweet, too dominant, too much of something Ruby couldn’t identify itself with. After a long time of testing, smelling and researching, we finally found the solution: We need to create our own personalized amenity series. 

The result after one year of experimenting with various fragrances are the ultimate RUBY CARE PRODUCTS. SOUL ELIXIR, LIGHT GRAVITY and MAD MUSE are the three major scents that characterize the amenity series. It is a harmonious collection that will give you the exclusive shower sensation at the hotel or at home. And because we value high-quality, all products are mild and skin tolerant. We have strictly no petroleum derivatives or silicone oils in our products and use recyclable packaging only.

The oriental blend of the SOUL ELIXIR will immerse you in a fresh but at the same time tangy sensation of ginger, cardamom, coconut and peach. SOUL ELIXIR is available as a shower gel for women, hand soap and hand lotion.

Feel the LIGHT GRAVITY of the men’s shower gel and plunge into a citric scent with hints of bergamot and cedar wood. An absolutely refreshing and revitalizing effect will kick in.

As a perfect pairing the MAD MUSE shampoo and conditioner convince with scents of lemon, bergamot, lavender and cedar. Indulge your hair with a mix of fruity and tangy notes and it will give you a fresh start into any day.

Are you convinced? All RUBY CARE PRODUCTS are available here.

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