The Sofiensäle in Modern Times

26 June 2015
How the Sofiensäle developed over the last years

The 20th century of the Sofiensäle came to an end, with art and glamour, famous and well-known people having shaped the history of the venerable building. It was the era of seeing and being seen, coming and going. The 21st century, however, had a tragic beginning for the esteemed building. 

On the 16th of August 2001 a fire caused the Sofiensäle to burn down completely. For years to come, no investor wanted to reconstruct the building because of its complicated protection procedures of historic monuments. As an interim use young artists would use the burnt down concert hall as an open air arena.

Finally, in 2011 the Institute for Investment Counselling initiated a plan together with the Austrian Federal Monuments Office to reconstruct the Sofiensäle in its old charm. The intention was to construct a building which would serve as a living, working, leisure time and cultural environment.

All these goals were finally united in different projects: the concert hall was rebuilt, a fitness studio was set in place, a restaurant moved in and last but not least Ruby Sofie situated itself in the right wing of the Sofiensäle. As part of the dedication to the long tradition of the building, the first Ruby Hotel was named after the Sofiensäle and archduchess Sophie.

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