This Human World

28 November 2014
Film Festival in Vienna

This Human World is a film festival with special vision: The sensitization of one’s own as well as other living circumstances, creating awareness and challenging the mind. 

On time for the 60th anniversary of the declaration of general human rights, the film festival addresses topics concerning individuality, liberalism and equality. From the 3 to the 14 of December, the festival will introduce you to a new perspective of a rapidly changing world and breaking society’s boundaries. The 21st century confronts us with many topics – moral and values of the individual in the pool of society is one of the many critical issues mentioned in the films. As the first of its kind, the film festival itself sets new standards.

Altogether more than 70 movies are shown in different locations throughout Vienna, most of which celebrate their premiere at the festival. With provoking headings, such as “Fucking Different XXX” or “Locked down”, the film festival tempts society to confront itself with the diversity of life and fate. Through a combination of art and culture, the films create an alluring twist. Rethinking mindset and making social fights visible, are in the center of attention.

Get yourself captivated in the films!

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